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Every two years an opportunity quilt is made by the guild and raffled to generate operating funds.  Tickets are available at various functions during the year, including all our monthly meetings.  Activities such as our Community Outreach program are funded primarily by the proceeds from our biennial quilt show and our opportunity quilts.  The Guild appreciates your interest and support.

The quilt pictured above is our 2019 Opportunity Quilt named Traditionally Modern. 

The Carquinez Strait Stitchers Guild has been honored by Laurie Grant’s beautiful quilting for the past 4 opportunity quilts. For this quilt, her quilting shines and compliments the quilt perfectly. When Laurie revealed our 2019 opportunity quilt (90”x90”) “Traditionally Modern,” I purred. It is absolutely gorgeous!!  Laurie’s quilting sparked a rush for the opportunity quilt tickets and I was able to sell 172 tickets in the first 2 days. 

Laurie brought to fruition my vision of the quilting of the opportunity quilt. I wanted to have the appliqué design continuing and connecting the 4 panels together. She spent a lot of time creating a template and it was so well done. 
When I designed this quilt, I wanted to make sure there could be a quilting motif in the center and corners.  I also wanted to have a “garden path” on each side of the appliqué panels. I requested for the floral design from the appliqué to be used in some way in the center motif. When I saw the finished result, I was awestruck. It was unbelievable how perfect she made the motif. For the garden path she put in, it is reminiscent of a trellis you would find around a garden. 
Thank you Laurie for all of your beautiful hard work. It is really appreciated and your quilting art is just perfect!!

Karen Loe