September 2022 – Member Trunk Show

On September 15 we had our first member trunk show and it was very successful and informative! We had 8 participants, and below are just a few examples from the evening.

Mirrored Reflections, by Caroline P. This was a zoom program several of us worked on during the 2020 shutdown.

Caroline’s advice: always document your work!

Navajo Sunrise #2 is the second in a pair of identical quilts that I did. The first one won a blue ribbon at PIQF 2003 in the Innovative category. My sister, Patty has it in Colorado. The design was based on a Navajo rug designed by Marie Brown of Crystal, New Mexico. The batting was super thick, and the hand quilting was hard quilting! Never again! -Caroline P.
Moon Over the Mountain, by Margaret L.

The Tulip Wrap, pattern by Decades of Style #2001. Margaret has created a multitude of these beautiful jackets with different collar variations. Many are done in silk and have collage applique. She often adds a secondary design in the linings. One has a coordinating bag shown with the jacket!

I saw this idea for making a quilt from a panel on Pinterest.  I had purchased this fabric several years ago when I was traveling, I can’t remember what state I was in, but I loved the colors.  The panel set in my closet for a few years before I finally got around to putting this together, I am really happy with the outcome and hope that a Senior will love it as well. -Denise LC